1920’s Glass Slides

IMG_20140311_161101_269 IMG_20140311_161955_970 IMG_20140311_162215_328 IMG_20140311_162321_605 IMG_20140311_161154_149 IMG_20140311_161502_292 IMG_20140311_161808_249 IMG_20140311_162232_990 IMG_20140311_162257_836 IMG_20140311_162307_383One of a Kind Antique Boxed Set of Magic Lantern Glass Slides. 119 slides from around the world trip in the 1920’s. Views include Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Federated Malay States, Dutch East Indies, Palestine, Egypt, Hong Kong, Philippines, Ceylon and Singapore.

Many slides are hand-tinted for color projection. All slides are numbered and labelled inside this wooden slide box.

Available on the 2nd floor at the People’s Store.

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