Oil on wood 28″ x 22″

by Kelly Sullivan



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Gary Giordano Lambertville Artist

Come celebrate Gary’s Art Reception in his new home on the main 3rd floor of the People’s Store.  Gary is also part of Brooklyn’s Bushwick Arts Community.

In his most recent series of paintings Lorraine is the subject or figure, but the ideas of abstract painting and contemporary painting supersede the image. Color, texture, line, space, surface or plane. Line is used to create rhythm or movement sometimes to divide space.  Color often creates form; texture creates color or another element across the surface which can be viewed from the side.

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Closing Art Show 10/20 & 10/21- Outside the White Cube

Outside The White Cube, an outdoor art exhibit throughout the streets of New Hope & Lambertville, is having its closing reception this weekend, the 20th and 21st.

All works are being taken from their public posts and displayed collectively indoors at Lambertville Hall 57 Bridge St, Lambertville, NJ 08530.

For the final two days of the show, works can be bid on for a chance to own, and all proceeds support the Artists, Chamber and New Hope Arts.

Online Bidding:

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Lambertville annual ART & ANTIQUES WEEKEND, OCTOBER 13TH & 14TH

Many stores will feature special sales, offers, and merchandise expressly for the weekend event. So if you’ve been looking for that perfect piece for your home or office, or a one-of-a-kind gift for the person on your holiday list whom  has everything, there’s never been a better time to check out the crown jewels of the River Towns!  Lambertville is the Arts & Antiques Capital of New Jersey.

  • Look for Red flags for Antiques and Yellow flags for Art which will be displayed outside each participating store & gallery.

The public is invited to attend these events throughout the weekend:

  • Sat & Sun 1 pm — Tips on Purchasing Antiques and Appraising Value, Gerry Quatro, A Touch of the Past Antiques at 32 N. Union Street, Lambertville
  • Sat & Sun 11 am to 6 pm — “Less is More” Annual Small Works Exhibit and Sale Show Opening with Painting Demonstrations by gallery artist, Kenn Erroll Backhaus, Highlands Art Gallery at 41 N. Union Street, Lambertville
  • Sat & Sun 4 pm — Special Exhibit, Vampire Killing Sets and Talk with Collector Ed Crimi, The Peoples Store, 28 N. Union Street, Lambertville
  • Sat & Sun 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, & 4:30 pm — Midiri Antiques will be demonstrating quick easy tips to clean and polish sterling silver and silver plate without chemicals! No more DREADING the polishing of your fine silver. Join me Paul Midiri for demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday. Let’s put some shine in the day!
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Vintage CorkScrews

 A Votre Santé, Cheers, Salud!

A large collection of Vintage Corkscrews are located on our main level of the People’s Store, in the Silver Solutions showroom.

A must for any barware collector or wine enthusiast. Add one to your bar or hang a bunch of them around your wine cellar. The history of the corkscrew goes back to the date of 1630, with many variations as the years evolved. Each one has unique characteristics and is a work of art.



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 “Artist Talk” Hosted by Gallery Gary Giordano 09/23/18

Sunday September 23, 11:00am

 “Artist Talk” Hosted by Gallery Gary Giordano

Open to the public

3rd floor of the People’s Store

Everyone is welcome to join a good conversation, discussion, debate.

Lots of things to talk about!

How do you define yourself as an artist? What experiences (educational and/or career and/or personal) have been formative in shaping you as an artist? EX: Do you have an art degree? Are you self-taught? Etc.

What is your motivation or motivations for making work? Do you make work with the hope of earning gallery representation? If so, where? What galleries? Is your motivation to make work sales driven? Do you make work that you think/feel does NOT work within the normal constructs of the traditional gallery model? Why do you feel this way? What options have you explored as possible outlets for your work beyond this traditional gallery model? Which have worked? Which have not?

What do you feel is the ideal venue or platform for viewing your work? What influences this decision? Do you feel that the viewing context (traditional gallery versus non-traditional setting) of art alters how the work is received/perceived and ultimately valued by the public? Do you see shifts in the manner in which art is exhibited? What are these shifts or examples of these shifts? (apartment style galleries being one of the many………………)

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Vintage Interview Magazines

A large collection of Vintage 1980’s Interview Magazines just arrived. Hurry in, there going fast!

Available at the People’s Store. The covers make fun framed art for your walls.


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new “VINTAGE LIVING” hardcover book

Vintage Living Hardcover Book. Bob Richter includes many Lambertville NJ sources, an interesting and great book, a must have for everyone.

Order Now, and receive the first print in March 2019.

Let’s let Bob know how much he is loved and appreciated in our little town of Lambertville, order your books today!

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Boulder Turquoise Bracelet

Natural Amazing Art from the Earth!

You can see the veins of Turquoise running through this Boulder Turquoise bracelet from northeast Nevada.

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Robert Gerlach & Michael Holcombe’s Showroom

Come visit Robert Gerlach & Michael Holcombe’s Showroom located on the 1st floor of the People’s Store.

New pieces every week.



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