Thai Buddha

IMG_20141117_130428_006 IMG_20141117_130503_130

19th century Large Antique Carved Wooden Thai Buddha.

The Buddha is standing with long flowing robes that cover the entire body.  Both hands are slightly raised and empty.  The statue has a beautiful golden antique patina. 

This Buddha is in a standing Buddha pose, returning from his meditations. The Buddha encourages Peace, Love & Understanding of All living creatures.

Available in Kyle Kinters showroom on the first floor of the People’s Store.


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Vintage Textiles Workshop @ Stone House Antiques Center

french market linensCopy of DSCN0337msmamcbride_1368021718_140

Stone Cottage Workshop / Vintage Textiles

Sunday 11/23/14  2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Meet & Greet with Michele McBride at our other store in Mechanicsville PA called Stone House Antique Center. Same owners of the People’s Store.

Michele just got back from the Paris Markets at Clignancourt & Port de Vanves, and brought back a great selection of Vintage French Textiles.

Michele McBride of the Stone House Antiques Center is your Source for Vintage Textiles.  Stone Cottage Workshop is located on the 2nd floor and offers a great mix of one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics.  Michele has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. She also refurbishes vintage furniture and specializes in nontoxic amazing painted finishes from formal to distressed. Her furniture pieces include Edwardian, vintage farmhouse, and mid-century modern.

Michele will be sharing her collection and ideas to use her one of kind pieces in your home.

Stop by and meet Michele McBride at the Stone House Antiques Center Sunday 11/23/14 from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm.

Stone House Antique Center 3292 Durham Road (Rt 413) Mechanicsville PA 18934

(GPS use Doylestown)

Phone 267-544-0574


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1800′s Flasks


Antique Glass & Pewter Flasks.

Perfect for the winter season ahead. Fine English Antique Facet Glass & Silver plate Mounts Hip Flask, G & J W Hawksley Sheffield, circa 1800’s

These beautiful antique hip flasks are made by the renowned English makers G & J W Hawksley of Sheffield, also known for their fine hunting and shooting accessories such as powder flasks. Silver plate mounts with detachable base cup for drinking and screw bayonet lid, heavy glass fluid chamber.  The detachable base cups are marked with G & J W Hawksley makers marks.

Great Gift Ideas!


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Butcher Block


Great Stainless Steel Block Kitchen Island on casters. This professional butcher block top was made by the world famous John Boos. Perfect functional island for most kitchens. It has a great clean, sleek open look just waiting for you to take home.

Available in Antique Jungles showroom on the first floor of the People’s Store.


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Vintage Paper Store 50% off Sale

IMG_20141113_101209_650 IMG_20141113_101239_053 IMG_20141113_101352_139 IMG_20141113_101422_798 IMG_20141113_101438_660 IMG_20141113_101541_741 IMG_20141113_101612_379

“VPS” Vintage Paper Store Sale

50% off everything in the Vintage Paper Store located in the lower level of the People’s Store. The Vintage Paper Store will be moving their business after the New Year to just an online store. They will be running this sale in their showroom through the end of December.

Hurry in; things are flying off the shelves in their booth.

Vintage paper products, ephemera, books, vinyl records, vintage eye glasses, old photographs, carriage cards and a great collection of antique dog photographs.

If you miss out, you could visit their on-line store at

They also have some display & fixtures available

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Silver Solutions

IMG_20140925_102151_410 IMG_20140925_102220_334

It’s time for holiday parties at your house!

Vintage Barware, Glassware, Silverware, Cork Screws, Shakers, we have everything you could possibly want and more. Available at Silver Solutions inside the People’s Store.


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New Arrivals

IMG_20141107_150840_846IMG_20141030_152814_459 IMG_20141030_152852_646 IMG_20141030_153821_879 IMG_20141030_155618_740 IMG_20141030_172223_939 IMG_20141030_172233_803 New Arrivals, Something for everyone!

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Rare Antiques

IMG_20140916_172249_331 IMG_20140916_172423_770 IMG_20140916_172509_380 IMG_20140916_172536_026 IMG_20140916_172613_582 IMG_20140916_172650_611                                                                                   1900’s lizards carved from solid piece of rock crystal.

Antique leather and silver flint pouch from Tibet, Very Rare.

1800’s decorated jade snuff bottle, silver and semiprecious stone accents.

Antique jade and silver teapot from Tibet, carved from a single piece of jade.

1900’s carved Chinoiserie parrot in Lapis Lazuli stone

All purchased from an estate in Venice, Italy and available in the People’s Store Skylight Room on 2nd floor.




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Nailsea type Flasks

IMG_20140916_171431_963 IMG_20140916_171139_787 IMG_20140916_171303_634 IMG_20140916_171325_580 IMG_20140916_171405_462Great collection of late 19th century glassware.

Rare Nailsea type flasks, single and double flask, many colors and a unique Venetian hand engraved flask.

Also this hand blown glass fly catcher late 19th century is a fun find.

Available on the 2nd floor of the People’s Store

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Traditional, Modern or Artsy

IMG_20141009_113311_148 IMG_20141009_113645_207 IMG_20141009_114000_300 IMG_20141009_114052_229 IMG_20141009_121327_578 IMG_20141009_122422_896Our Dealers make the People’s Store one of the most exciting places to shop. Our buyers travel the world supplying the store with awesome designs from faraway lands.   

A unique and one of kind piece will make any space seem individual and personal. Come see what we have for your home. Make it special and a place people will remember.

Whether you’re traditional, modern or artsy, we have what you’re looking for and more!


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