Handmade Jewelry

il_570xN.519594885_gw8a[1] il_570xN.604805083_p7qw[1] il_570xN.605452008_mje4[1] il_570xN.605452012_a1m8[1] il_570xN.612999400_jldf[1] il_570xN.613118369_os3f[1] il_570xN.626665122_q1jv[1] il_570xN.627813293_o3rh[1] il_570xN.629781747_ac7h[1]Jewelry-lovers, check out these interesting, handmade and exquisite one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Come visit OldJewelryBox by owner, designer Elizabeth Reynolds.  Many pieces are made with vintage & antique gems, stones & parts created into the finest handcrafted jewelry designs!

Beth Reynolds also deals in antiques on the first floor of the People’s Store. You can also see her original jewelry collection on Etsy.






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Vintage Suitcase

IMG_20140715_155847_634 IMG_20140717_111131_996 IMG_20140717_111014_503 IMG_20140717_110908_267 IMG_20140717_110813_982 IMG_20140717_105928_251 IMG_20140717_105904_720 IMG_20140715_155913_091 Pack Your Bags & Get Out of there!

These exquisite and eclectic pieces of luggage are great decorator pieces for any room. In today’s modern design, vintage suitcases are used in many ways.  Think outside the box!

They have cool character on the outside and some are laced with silk on the inside.



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Art Glass

IMG_20140715_163857_870 IMG_20140715_163953_159 IMG_20140715_164041_325This exciting, fun Italian Signed Art Glass Dish & Bowl is available in Deborah Stewarts Showroom at the People’s Store. They look amazing together, but also have a great look individually. Why not add some “Bing” to your next gathering and set the mood straight with this cool set.

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Kyle Kinter’s 40% off Showroom Sale

IMG_20140722_154351_084 IMG_20140722_154449_300 IMG_20140722_154705_850 IMG_20140722_154813_157 IMG_20140722_154943_595 IMG_20140722_155146_332 IMG_20140722_155311_114 IMG_20140722_155534_196 IMG_20140722_155632_833 IMG_20140722_155837_158 IMG_20140722_155925_225 IMG_20140722_160034_186 IMG_20140722_160204_319 IMG_20140722_160246_909 IMG_20140722_160339_779 IMG_20140722_160514_877 IMG_20140722_160620_026 IMG_20140722_160713_020 IMG_20140722_160821_772 IMG_20140722_160857_084 IMG_20140722_160948_923 IMG_20140722_161056_342 IMG_20140722_161221_291 IMG_20140722_161314_317 IMG_20140722_161440_361 IMG_20140722_161541_639 IMG_20140722_161653_711 IMG_20140722_161738_162 IMG_20140722_161816_775 IMG_20140722_161949_002Oh My God, You better Run to the People’s Store Right Now!!!!!!!

Kyle Kinter, one of the finest antique dealers in the area is offering 40% off everything in his showroom for a limited time.  Kyle Kinter has been a prominent dealer at the People’s Store for over 30 years and has never offered such a sale before, so now’s the time to pick up a few fabulious investment pieces at the People’s Store.

Kyle specializes in Asian Antiques but you will find a mix of unique antiquities as well.

The Sale won’t last long, and these pieces are spectacular and very rare. Don’t miss out on taking home a special piece.

Give a gift that they will remember and cherish forever. 

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Railroad Lanterns

IMG_20140715_154609_962 IMG_20140715_154733_733 IMG_20140715_154752_837 IMG_20140715_154831_601 IMG_20140715_154907_925Antique Railroad & Carriage Lanterns.

The People’s Store has a fine collection of rare antique railroad & carriage lanterns available in a variety of styles. Just a few pictures posted of the collection, many more available.

Many are dated from 1800-1900’s, and are in good condition.  This collection available in Scott Pbufnt’s showroom on the 2nd floor of the People’s Store.

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Victorian Dome

IMG_20140619_154922_527 IMG_20140619_154947_663 unnamed[1] (2) unnamed[1] (3)We have a few great Victorian domes. These are very rare and highly collectable and only available at the People’s Store. The two empty ones are very large.

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Circus Sign

IMG_20140703_171236_142 This awesome Circus sign is hand made from old recycled metal containers.  If you love it, you better Run to the People’s Store, because it won’t last long.  The sign is located on the first floor in Doris Dixon’s showroom.

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International Olympic Posters

IMG_20140711_110739_744 IMG_20140711_110759_406 IMG_20140711_110810_696 IMG_20140711_110823_517 IMG_20140711_110845_161 IMG_20140711_110854_377Vintage Olympic Posters from all around the world!

Located in the lower level of the People’s Store

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Upcycled & Upstyled

IMG_20140612_140154_328 IMG_20140612_140215_836 IMG_20140612_140233_954 IMG_20140612_140253_171

Add some color to your world and venture up to the “Other” 3rd floor at the People’s Store.

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In Style

IMG_20140619_144845_661 IMG_20140619_144856_365 IMG_20140619_144902_685 IMG_20140619_144913_125Get your groove on!

Check out the latest styles from the showroom we call “Monkey Ball” at the People’s Store. Here you will find a cool collection of Men’s vintage clothes, shoes, ties, wallets & accessories, and you’ll always find great things for the ladies as well. There are plenty of cowgirl mashups you could put together with our great collections.

Here at the People’s Store, you can set your own fashion trends and make a personal statement no matter where you go. Why would you shop in the Mall and stand in line with all the sheep when you can be the unique individual that you were born to be.

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