Snowy Owl by J.J Audubon

IMG_20140918_145817_316 IMG_20140918_145828_481 IMG_20140918_145925_380 IMG_20140918_145936_589This rare large Princeton Audubon limited edition is a wonderful find at the People’s Store. The image is spectacular and professionally framed. This will make a wonderful edition to any home.  The image shows companionship of a loving Owl couple out on their nightly adventure together.

Audubon, John James

Snowy Owl by John James Audubon (1785-1851),

Drawn from Nature by J.J Audubon, Engraved, Printed & colored, by R. Havell London

Special Embossed PRINCETON AUDUBON LIMITED, 1985 #350/1500

Available on the first floor of the People’s Store in Bobby Coopers Showroom.

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Antique Doll House’s

IMG_20140918_150509_898 IMG_20140916_160000_037 IMG_20140916_160037_169 IMG_20140916_160122_966 IMG_20140916_160252_636 IMG_20140916_160315_967 IMG_20140916_160328_580 IMG_20140918_150425_182 IMG_20140918_150433_756 Antique wooden four room Doll House, complete with window treatments, and staircase.  A great old dollhouse, which has that down homey feel. You could get lost inside, as your mind wanders through the rooms. It would be great for the kids or an art project, birdhouse or sculpture for the home. Located on the 2nd floor of the People’s Store. The other one has more of that old farm house feel and is located on the 1st floor of the People’s Store.

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Iron Crucifix

IMG_20140916_114207_612 IMG_20140916_114220_313 IMG_20140916_114228_782 IMG_20140916_114239_425 IMG_20140916_114249_134 IMG_20140916_114301_547 IMG_20140917_130448_833Iron Crucifix

Large Iron Cross, 18th Century Roadside Shrine from Belgium or France.  This outstanding free-standing antique cross is mounted in what looks like an original block of stone. A great piece of history that’s massive but with delicate lacework iron. A must have for your home, sacred garden or private memorial. It doesn’t take up much floor space, being that the stone base is only about a foot, but heavy enough to securely stand in any environment.  

Approximately 50 pounds, 60” inches tall, gorgeous aged patina.

The pictures can’t describe the feeling you will have when you make contact with this piece. It has powerful positive vibrations that will make you feel personally enlightened and connected to the world on a better way. It’s what you’re looking for and what you need in your life.

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Bull Head

IMG_20140913_155829_024There’s a lot of Bull Around Here!

Large Metal Bull Head with Horns. This piece is hand made from recycled metal containers. If you have a large wall and want something different and unpredictable on it, this would look incredible.

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Fall Fashion, People’s Store Style

IMG_20140916_143025_016 IMG_20140916_143032_747 IMG_20140916_143042_305 IMG_20140916_143107_960 IMG_20140916_143112_364 IMG_20140916_143141_659 IMG_20140916_143227_408 IMG_20140916_143246_608 IMG_20140916_143302_059 IMG_20140916_143318_200 IMG_20140916_143458_640 IMG_20140916_143520_539 IMG_20140916_143543_386unnamed[2] (8) unnamed[3] (2) unnamed[3] (7) unnamed[1] (10) unnamed[1] (11) unnamed[1] (12) Vintage fall fashion at the People’s Store.

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Vintage Books

unnamed[1] (14) unnamed[5]It’s time for you to start your fall reading material from the People’s Store vintage book collection. Books available for every age and interest.




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wood foundry gear & molds

unnamed[1] (8) unnamed[2] (7) unnamed[2]These antique wood foundry gears & molds are great to be used as art for your walls. They work well with Steampunk, Industrial & Mid Century Modern interiors.


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Street Signs

unnamed[1] (5)Cool collection of vintage street signs available.

Instead of hanging another traditional piece of artwork on your wall, hang up something out of the ordinary. It will keep your place looking interesting and unpredictable, a real fun current look.


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Modern Sculpture By Robert Koch.

unnamed[1] (3)This grand sculpture was created out of steel rods and textured with melted steel.

Robert Koch is known for working with rigid lifeless materials, creating forms that are soft and alive.  His work shows a real organic feeling and will bring a relaxing feeling to any home or garden. Robert has won recognition in regional and national competitions. Many of his pieces are featured in public, private, and corporate collections around the world. We are honored to have one of his elegant pieces available at the People’s Store.


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Manifesto Vintage Art

$_57-1 $_57-2 IMG_20140807_104922_112 unnamed[1] (3) unnamed[1] (4) unnamed[2] unnamed[3]

Manifesto Vintage Art:

Vintage airline bags:

Vintage French and Italian lithographs:

And some, classic, vintage-style reproductions:

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